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“Our passion is assisting small businesses throughout Southeast Michigan in operational improvement.  We provide affordable, personalized assessments and solutions that are focused on increasing efficiency, enhancing the work environment, clarifying strategy, improving customer satisfaction, and assisting with employee development.  MP Focus wishes to be at the heart of local communities and to help persevere “Main Street USA”


I grew up in a small town in Ohio -Two stoplights and you were through.  The downtown area wasn’t much, but there were stores, restaurants, and services owned by people I knew.    My first job was at the local fitness center, which allowed me to utilize space above their facility to start my own business as a tumbling instructor - I was 14.  I remember painting storefront windows as a cheerleader to support our teams as they went to playoffs and asking for support of these businesses when I needed to raise money for trips and competitions.  The businesses supported us and we supported them.  Pride radiated throughout the community.  Unfortunately many of the businesses that supported me throughout my childhood did not survive.    It seems as if each time I go back for a visit, a business has closed.  I see the same thing happening in the communities that I live and shop in now.  I get excited for the new business owner opening their doors, putting their heart and soul into a dream, and at the same time feel sadness for the one who had to shut theirs for the last time.  It is the desire to recreate the pride in community in each surrounding little town that led to MP Focus Consulting.   If we can help business owners thrive, communities will grow, and the pride will radiate throughout, just like it did in a little town in Ohio many years ago.



Carrie Cohoon.


I hold a Masters of Science degree in Management, Strategy, and Leadership and have extensive experience in the retail and service industries.  I have a passion for helping and love to assist people and businesses accomplish things they never thought possible.  Turning what I love into a career was the best decision I ever made.  I get to use the skills I learned in corporate America to benefit small business owners in the communities where I live and shop.  MP Focus is a small business helping small businesses.  I am not your typical consultant.  Some things that set me apart are:


 I am not a career consultant, I have real world experience

 My suggestions are practical and actionable

 I view employees as customers

 I take action, not just research your question

 I offer affordable solutions that are easy to implement

 I am part of your community


So what’s with the MP?  As you can see, MP can stand for many business related concepts that we can assist with:  Motivate People, Maximize Profit, Manage Processes, and Maintain Patrons, to name a few.

But, there is more to the name than that.  The name again takes us back to that little town in Ohio - more specifically, to my father, Gary Meyer.  As a child growing up, my dad had a way of helping me face difficult or scary situations.  He would simply grab my hand, squeeze, and say, “Don’t worry, you have Meyer Power.  That simple idea got me through the scariest and most intimidating of situations – my first day of school, public speaking, stage fright, teenage heartbreak, and family tragedies, including my dad’s passing.  It only seemed fitting to include Meyer Power in one of the scariest decisions of my life – leaving my corporate career to follow my dream of helping small business owners.  Each and every client not only gets my knowledge and expertise, but also receives a dose of “Meyer Power” on the house.



At MP Focus we understand that each client is unique, and has a unique set of needs.  We also understand the importance of affordable solutions.  With both of these things in mind, we have adapted a customizable approach to pricing.  However, if you are anything like us, you still want an idea of how much services will cost.


Some basic starting points to consider:


There are no hidden costs, and a project total will be agreed upon before work is started.


An initial consultation is always free.








“The Employee Experience needs to align with the customer experience”

Services | What's your focus?

Customer Experience Enhancement


MP Focus Consulting is a consultancy that focuses on the customer experience.  Our goal is to help small businesses create loyal supporters out of consumers and employees.  Statistics show that customer experience leaders outperform their competitors.  Impressed customers lead to loyal customers.  Loyal customers lead to increased profits.  Loyal employees lead to reduced costs.


Visual merchandising

Operational assessment

Mystery Shop programs

Customer experience program development

Customer service workshops

Customer and employee surveys (phone and paper)

Customer Journey Mapping

3 P assessment (People, Product, Presentation)


Process Simplification


MP Focus works on helping small business owners accomplish what they initially set out to do: Make a profit doing something they love.  It is easy to get swept away into the day-to-day activities of one’s business.  We assist in establishing routines and simplifying processes in an effort to get you, the business owner, back home with your families.  We know you love your business, but there is more to life and we want to help you enjoy it!


Process and procedure development

Calendar use

Organizational systems

Job descriptions

Job assessments


Employee Development and Performance Measurement


At MP Focus, it’s all about PEOPLE. Companies of all sizes compete in the job market for talent.  Once employees are hired, performance management is necessary.  Most people want to do a good job, but creating a system to help them succeed can take a little added effort.  Companies, both large and small, that have performance management systems have been shown to outperform their competitors, have higher profits, and better cash flows.


Specialized workshops

Executive and management coaching

Staff development and empowerment training

Manager Kick-start program

Communications Training

Development of evaluations and performance feedback delivery systems

On-boarding and succession planning

Development of structured job interviews

Interview training

Team Building exercises

Behavioral Style identification


Workplace Improvement


It is natural to become accustomed to doing things a specific way.  Allowing an outside eye to look at your business can help bring areas to attention that have been missed or forgotten.  Sometimes another set of eyes is all it takes.  Our goal is to help you see the unseen, and help bring focus to a forgotten area of your business.


Visual merchandising

3 P assessment

Building assessment

Risk/Inventory Assessment



Strategic Planning


The path from where you are to where you want to be can get tricky.  Without a clear plan and a way of measuring success along the way, the journey can have many unexpected turns.  MP Focus assists in making that journey as straight and easy as possible.  Our goal is to help you envision where you want to be and assist in navigating you to your destination.


Strategic planning Workshops

Strategic planning sessions

Culture and strategy alignment

Facilitation of focus Groups

Internal and external environment assessments

Goal setting workshops and coaching

Executive Coaching




Testimonials | Client satisfaction.


“Carrie is an outstanding mentor and leader.  She actively listens and has care for those she works with, allowing her to gain respect and motivate individuals as well as teams.  In training with Carrie, I was not only inspired by her actions, but also encouraged through her comments and teachings.  She has helped me gain confidence and has shown me how to have meaningful interactions.  Carrie has brought value not only to my work, but also to my life!

  -Erin S


“I have had the pleasure of working with Carrie for almost 10 years.  She was my first manager and trainer at Enterprise Rent a Car and then my peer advisor and co-Worker at Aldi Inc.  She truly has a gift for training and development.  She has been my mentor throughout my career and has successfully helped me prepare for interviews, evaluations, testing, managerial obstacles, and career changes.  She is a good friend but also an honest voice in the professional workplace.  She has always told me the truth an unbiased perception in every situation that allows me to grow and build my confidence.  She has a long list of strengths that she can bring to the table, one of those being her natural ability to provide excellent customer service. It is her overall genuine character that helps her build relationships quickly and keep them going.  Carrie is a true problem solver who is able to gain information quickly and analyze all possible solutions.  She is skilled in critical thinking and project management and is extremely organized.  Let her impact your business!”

-Jaida C.



“When I started working at my company I was given a lot of support, but my main connection was with Carrie.   I could see Carrie was a great manager and her connection with her staff set her apart.  This became relevant to me when I took over a store she had been managing for some time.  I was there when she told her staff she was leaving, they were devastated, and some even had tears in their eyes.  She taught me how important it is to have relationships with people you work with.  She showed me how to obtain results while having your people’s best interest in mind.  When you care for your staff, your behavior is contagious, the environment is inspiring, and the growth is exponential.  I’m so grateful to have worked with Carrie!  She changed by career!

-Brook S


If I had to describe Carrie Cohoon in 3 words they would be loyal, dedicated, and caring.  I met Carrie when I was just starting out in my career.  Honestly, we didn’t hit it off well in the beginning.  She was very demanding and I was very stubborn.  After a few months I realized that Carrie was very committed to her job and really cared about the people that she worked with.  She took the time to get to know us and became more than just a boss.  I received a promotion in my job and Carrie was there to help me though that adjustment.  I felt confident with her by my side.  Carrie saw something in me and expressed to me that she viewed me as a natural leader.  She helped me realize that my employees wanted to work hard for me and that I didn’t have to do it all myself.  Carrie and I formed a very trusting relationship, and could discuss things even when we didn’t see eye to eye.  I received another promotion in my career and I can honestly say that Carrie was one of the main reasons that promotion happened.  She always told me that I would get that promotion and believed in me even when I didn’t think it would happen.  Carrie is a great person to work for and to work with.  I still call her “Boss” even though we no longer work together.  Thank you Carrie for believing in my ability to reach goals, and for pushing me to never give up on them.

-Gilbert C.


Carrie helped me as a new leader of a business to develop the skills necessary to lead a profitable and thriving business.  With her leadership we were able to work together to get the right staff in the right places to increase sales, profits and productivity, while also decreasing our inventory loss.  Carrie helped in giving me the confidence to make decisions that changed the negative trends that we had into a sustainable, positive business and work environment.

-Chris H.






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